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Amsoil's "Down Line"

All Amsoil customers are assigned to a Dealer.  Even if you went directly to
Amsoil's website, or ordered from a catalog, you were given to a Dealer based
upon your zip code.  The Dealer that you were assigned to is known as your
Sponsor and you are in that Sponsors Down Line.

Your Sponsor receives a commission credit when you order.  These credits,
although they are small, do slowly grow over the years and can
actually amount to something. 

At N.A.S. we reward members of our Down Line with the following:
**Order Pick Up
**Discounts on Services - - When getting estimates be sure to remind us
    that you are in our Down Line.  Yes Dava you can be included here!
**Discounts on our online store items at  Talk to or
    email Bernie at
**We will install your Amsoil Products.  Many Lube Center and Repair
    Shops will not install lubricants that they did not sell to you. A low service
    charge will apply and an appointment is required.  (If you are not in our
    Down Line we still install your Amsoil products at our regular service
    rates and an appointment is required).

Please remember that the Amsoil products that we stock are intended to be
sold at retail price either as carry out or on a service order.  We can help you
in an emergency with anything that we have.
To get Dealer Cost your transaction is between you and Amsoil Corp.
We go to the Distribution Center often and can pick your order up and
you can pick it up here in Vancouver.
Look for the "Warehouse Pick Up Schedule" Tab and read additional details.

**You will need to become a Dealer or a Preferred Customer assigned to
    ZO 1362405.  You will be given a ZO number also.
**Set up your account for online ordering @  Once set up you
    can order online.  Use the Product Look Up Guide @ to find
    your vehicles lubricants, filter and more.
**Write down the Product Codes that you wish to order.
**Log on to your account and use the online order form.  You may want to
    read the instructions the first time.
**Specify that your order is to be picked up at the Portland, Oregon
     Distribution Center.
**Order by Phone at 1-800-777-7094 7am to 5pm Central Time
**Give the Order Desk Person your ZO Number, Product Codes and
**Specify that your order is to be picked up at the Portland, Oregon
     Distribution Center. You can give them the Pick-Date from our