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If you are looking to start a business consider becoming an AMSOIL dealer. AMSOIL products:
  • Are top rated and can, to a certain extent, sell themselves
  • Have a good profit structure
  • Have a commission system that rewards success
  • The initial cost is low and you can go at your own pace.
NAS Automotive Products is the result of Bernie (Mike) becoming an AMSOIL dealer. About 7 years ago Bernie saw a local machine shop struggling with a high speed coolant flooded machine tool. They had tried every known grease and not one had stood out as an improvement. Finally they purchased a tube of AMSOIL synthetic heavy duty grease with surprising results. The need to tear down the machine went from every two weeks to every six months! Bernie Immediately became a dealer and began using the grease and gear lubes in off road 4 wheel drives.
AMSOIL is a small but growing portion of NAS but it slowly led to other things like the repair shop and the website.
You can email Bernie and ask questions on this subject at